Sprint to shut off (CLEAR) WiMax Network in November 2015

Sprint (NYSE:S) confirmed it will shut off service on its mobile WIMAX network on or around Nov. 6, 2015, giving further clarity on its network evolution.

Sprint spokeswoman Adrienne Norton confirmed the date to FierceWireless. The date was first unearthed in an internal company email posted by the blog Android Central.

In April, Sprint said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that it would “cease using WiMAX technology  by the end of 2015.” As part of that effort, Sprint said it identified  approximately 6,000 “redundant sites that we expect to decommission and  terminate the underlying leases.”

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Status Update for CLEAR Internet and WiMaxSATX – March 14, 2014

NO_CLEAR_DEALERSClear kept their promise and dropped all authorized CLEAR dealers as of the end of August 2013. Most dealers were able to sell off all of their inventory. That last point applies to Wimaxsatx.com as well. We have ZERO INVENTORY at present time.

Having said all that, we are actively seeking out former dealers who may still have inventory left over, just gathering dust in a storage unit or closet somewhere.  If we find such inventory and are able to reach an accommodation with the former dealer, we’ll make those items available for sale on this website.

WE CAN NO LONGER ACTIVATE NEW CLEAR ACCOUNTS, but new customers (or existing customers) can apparently still activate or change out new modems on their accounts, if you can find working equipment.  CLEAR is not selling or offering any equipment for replacement or new accounts.

CLEAR has recently raised their prices on new and existing customers by $5/device.  Standard unlimited plan (unlimited speed & data) is now $54.99 plus local or state taxes.   The limited speed plan was raised to $39.99.  If you had a “Take-2″ or other similar bundle, it is very likely that your price has gone up $5/device, or $10 for the “Take-2″ plans.

Other current resellers running on CLEAR’s network, include H2O Bolt, EarthLink and Net Zero.  Some offer limited data plans, some offer unlimited, some require contracts.   At this time, we haven’t made a decision whether to resell one of the alternative services, or just stay out of the Internet business.

We continue to offer EXTERNAL ANTENNAS, for those CLEAR devices which accept such add-on antennas, and are still offering EXTERNAL CONVERSION MODEM SOLUTIONS (using your modem) thru the www.ClearlyWimax.com website.  That website is not owned nor operated by Wimaxsatx.com and all support calls for products purchased from that site should use the number listed at the bottom of their website.

We continue to offer local / regional computer support services, such as networking, upgrading, troubleshooting, anti-virus / spyware / malware removal services,  and general consulting services.  We continue to offer web hosting services and webmaster services to anyone, anywhere.  Our primary computer services area is the San Antonio, Texas metro area.


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Turn Out The Lights , CLEAR Has Left The Building!

TurnOffLightAugust 31st has now come and gone, and it’s time for CLEAR dealers to turn out the lights.  Or change brands as the case may be.

We will be soon removing the CLEAR logo from this website and changing our reference to CLEAR as a “former authorized dealer.”   This is required by CLEAR.

We are now officially out of stock of any and all CLEAR modems, as our last USB modem found a new home today at a local Doctor’s office.

CLEAR’s website no longer sells any  modems direct, but refers visitors to Sprint’s website, where you can’t buy any home modems or CLEAR services.  I haven’t yet tried calling CLEAR’s 888-888-3113 Customer Service number to see if I could buy a modem or activate one from a local dealer like CLEAR promised to allow.

NO_CLEAR_DEALERSMany of the CLEAR dealers in San Antonio, those with brick & mortar locations,  have jumped on the Metro PCS or T-Mobile bandwagon for a new income stream.  Since Wimaxsatx has never had a fixed store location, operating as a web based and mobile CLEAR dealer since the very beginning, that’s not a viable option for us.

We will continue to offer our line of external antennas for CLEAR products, as well as NetZero and Virgin Mobile, where ever they offer products we can easily attach external antennas to them. We’ve reverted back to offering on-site computer consulting services for both Windows PC and Mac operating system platforms in the San Antonio metro area, plus offering website hosting and design services, just like we’ve done since 1995.

We can be reached at lee@wimaxsatx.com or by calling 210-771-7075 (voice/text okay). Please leave a message if you reach voice mail, or send us a text message, if you want a returned call.


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Last CLEAR Dealer In San Antonio? Almost time to turn off the lights.

As our current customers know, we were one of the first Dealer to get modems activated almost 4 years ago. Out of nearly 250+ dealers, we were chosen to be the third dealer to get activated. We were very honored by that distinction.

NO_CLEAR_DEALERSWe had a phone call from a long time customer the other day, asking us how much longer we would remain a CLEAR Dealer in San Antonio, and our answer was “when they (CLEAR) pull the plug on all dealers.” That date is just a week away, August 31st to be exact.  Actually, to be more accurate, although we are located in San Antonio, we’ve been selling CLEAR nationwide for about 3 years now.

Change always happens in the natural course of life and we have enjoyed and embraced being part of the CLEAR / Clearwire family these past nearly 4 years. Sales have been up and down, but lately mostly just down.  Commissions were extremely generous when CLEAR was still trying to establish their reputation by stepping on the shoulders of local dealers’ reputations, but gradually became less and less generous as CLEAR walked across the dealers and became less dependent upon them over time.

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The CLEAR – Clearwire Brand Name Ends December 31, 2013

NO_CLEAR_DEALERSOn July 9, Sprint acquired the approximately 50 percent stake in Clearwire it did not previously own. 

Combining Clearwire’s spectrum with Sprint’s spectrum will provide improved service for customers on Sprint’s new 4G LTE network, which is expected to provide more coverage in more locations, stronger signals indoors, and faster downloads.

What does the Sprint acquisition mean for the Clearwire brand? 

Sprint intends to cease the sale of products and services under the Clearwire brand. All sales distribution will cease in the near future, and the Clearwire brand will no longer be used.

After August 31st, Dealers must cease the use of any CLEAR marks, and all CLEAR branding should be removed from stores.  Dealers will be unable to activate new devices, but will be allowed to sell off their remaining CLEAR inventory thru the end of 2013. Such customers will then need to call 888-888-3113 or activate thru the website.

After December 31, 2013, there will be no new activations of any CLEAR devices by new or existing customers. 

What does that mean for current Clearwire customers? Existing (non-B2B channel) Clearwire customers will remain on the 4G WiMax network until their contracts expire, or until the network is decommissioned, whichever comes first. Sprint will notify customers if and when any changes will occur on their account.

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CLEAR Canceling All Dealers & Distributors As Of August 31, 2013

NO_CLEAR_DEALERSWell they say all good things must come to an end, and I guess August 31, 2013 will be the end of the CLEAR experience for us as well.

We’ve been a CLEAR dealer / agent / reseller since the fall of 2009 here in San Antonio, TX, and later was allowed to expand national so that we could better serve our customers who were buying our revolutionary external modems for use on CLEAR’s network.

We will continue to offer external antenna and modem solutions, but are currently unable to provide the Hub Express modem to perform any “reconfiguration” or “conversion” work upon.  All future customers will need to buy a modem direct from CLEAR’s online website, or from select Best Buy stores who reportedly will continue to stock and sell CLEAR modems.

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Available for Sale – CLEAR 4G/3G Hotspot – Grandfathered Plan

Clearspot_4GPlus_1We are offering for sale, an activated CLEAR 4G+ Hotspot (made by Sierra Wireless) We have not been using this device as much as we had in the past. It didn’t make financial sense to keep paying the monthly fee for something we rarely use any more,  so we’ve made the reluctant decision to part with it.   \

We could have simply turned it off, but since there might be someone out there who needs this type of plan we decided to offer it for sale instead.

This is the Sierra made hotspot that runs on both the CLEAR 4G WiMax system, plus the Sprint 3G network.  Perfect for folks living in areas where CLEAR doesn’t offer services, or travelers who frequently travel outside of CLEAR’s coverage areas.

The monthly bill on this plan (unlimited CLEAR 4G Wimax, 5GB/month Sprint 3G) is currently costing $58.53 a month ($55 + taxes).

This modem  and plan is no longer available from CLEAR,  but this particular modem is still activated on a “GRANDFATHERED PLAN” and thus still in active service.

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Sprint buys Clearwire – CLEAR Modem Inventory Frozen

On-Hold_tapeWell, by now everybody has heard about Sprint successfully buying out the remaining controlling ownership / stock in CLEAR’s parent company, Clearwire, on July 9, 2013.

On July 18, 2013, we received a notice from our regional distributor that all shipments of inventory to distributors have been temporarily suspended.

Due to the recent changes with Clearwire, they will not be allocating
inventory to any PDP nationwide. Clearwire has not given us any
timeframe on when we will be able to order inventory. Until we are given notice
that inventory allocations are available, we will not be able to fill
any orders for HUB modems or Voyager Hotspots.

What this means to the dealers, such as ourselves, is once we have sold out of existing inventory, we can’t buy any more inventory until CLEAR lifts their hold on shipping inventory to the PDP (Premium Distribution Partners) regional distributors.

As of the date we are posting this article, we are currently out of Hub Express modems, but have some “Voyager Hotspots” and “Stick Atlas USB” modems in our inventory.  We had been preparing a resupply order to be submitted on the same day we received notice that our PDP was not receiving any more inventory.  What this means to our customers, is if you wanted a “reconfigured” Hub Express or a “converted outdoor modem” from us, you will need to obtain the Hub Express modem yourself, direct from CLEAR or another local dealer who had larger inventory levels as of 07/18, and send us the modem for processing.

The implication to us as a dealer was, that they were likely in the process of conducting a full inventory in response to the takeover / change of ownership, and were delaying / holding new order shipments until that was completed.   Or, it could mean they will (again) revamp the method of distributing inventory to dealers and leave the PDP’s or Dealers out in the cold.


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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from WiMaxSATX

ani-Santa_ReindeersDuring this holiday season, we wish to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our customers, past, present and future! No Ghosts of Christmas Past hiding in our closets, only lots of CLEAR modems and antennas waiting to find new homes around the USA with new owners.

We thank you for helping us keep the lights turned on and the doors open this past year.

All orders currently pending have been shipped already, and any new orders we receive over Christmas will need to wait until later this week. With all the rush holiday shipping, our usual schedule of delivery times may vary, depending upon your location. We have no control over delivery times, only over the times we ship your orders out the door.

We look forward with some trepidation to the new year, with all the changes in store for us. We’re not talking about the big changes that all the political animals are concerned about (although we’re worried about that also).

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WiMaxSATX Recommends VIPRE Internet Security 2013 by GFI Software

We’ve been a very happy user of VIPRE Anti-Virus / Internet Security software for several years.

One of the reasons, is that yes, it’s fast and uses less memory / CPU loads than other major name brands, but the main reason is that they give you FREE SUPPORT and they are based in the USA (Florida to be exact).

GFI Software bought Sunbelt Software out about a year or so ago, and the deals have gotten better.  The software auto updates itself multiple times a day, so you don’t have to worry about it.  And your subscription means that any minor, or even major, updates to the software itself will also be included.

Oh, and did I mention FREE SUPPORT if you get infected while running their software? 

One of our customers, here in San Antonio, shot himself in the foot this past summer, by believing the instructions that came with a new software package, that he needed to disable the anti virus software during installation.  Yeah, right!   He got infected.  His computer started the usual redirecting the web browser to various sites, getting pop-ups, etc, but the really weird thing?   Sound clips advertising Whataburger or Wendy’s sandwiches!  Current ads for these two fast food restaurants at that!   VIPRE arranged to remotely access his computer at the pre-arranged appointment time, and they cleaned it up remotely without charging him another dime!

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