External CLEAR Wimax Modem / Antenna Solution

External CLEAR modem mounted on pole

External CLEAR modem mounted on pole

WiMax San Antonio is happy to announce that we are now in production mode for our External Antenna Solutions for CLEAR 4G Wimax Home / Business modems.  This is not a solution for mobile devices like their USB or Hotspots.  After 6 months of R&D (call that trial & error?), we have reached a workable solution that allows us to successfully convert any of the three existing home modems, Original 25150, Series-M & Series-G (not the new modem with Wi-Fi).

Our conversion of your CLEAR Wimax 4G indoor modem can be used indoors or outdoors.  The enclosure is rated up to 149 degrees (F) and down to minus 49 degrees (F), in all types of weather.   We’re using power over ethernet (POE) to power the modem and get the signal back down inside your house or building.   Just run up to 75-100′ of Cat 5e (or higher rating) ethernet cable from the modem to your router, using the POE adapters we supply, and you will be up and running on CLEAR very quickly. Some installations may need the use of outdoor rated Ethernet cabling, but we can help you get that as well.

Series-M, Series-G stock modems before conversion

We also have a second model coming soon, that will keep the modem indoors, while running a coax outside to a larger 16″ or even 24″ exterior antenna.  Just screw on the coax, run the coax outside (your decision on how to get it there), and connect to the antenna. 

We suggest limiting the coax length to 20′ due to line loss on this particular model.  If the coax is too long, you’ll lose much of the benefit of using this method.  if you are in the north side of the country where temperatures like to get really, really cold all the time, with lots of white stuff sticking around, this might be the solution for you.   Of course, like our first model, if you wanted to just hang the antenna inside your house or apartment facing the window or nearest tower, you will still see a big improvement in signal strength.

The choice of mounting indoors or outdoors is up to you.   We supply the mounting bracket hardware, but you choose the best location for your situation.   Some folks have found that simply getting the conversion and sitting it in / near a window toward the nearest CLEAR tower, works just fine for them.

We’re not responsible for you falling off your roof while trying to hold on with one hand while strapping the extrenal modem to your chimney or vent pipe.  (grin) 

Some folks have mounted them on an upstairs apartment balcony railing, others mounted under their roof’s eve, on the PVC vent pipes sticking out of their roofs, on their chimney, TV tower, ham radio antenna tower, or just a pushup pole.  Others have just set it inside near a window.  We’ve gone one customer thinking about mounting it on his sailboat down at the Marina, so he has Internet on his boat!  How cool is that idea?

WiMAx San Antonio doing mobile testing with external CLEAR modem

WiMAx San Antonio doing mobile testing with external CLEAR modem mounted on a fiberglass pole (to the right of the van)

The basic cost for conversion is $199 plus shipping.

You send us a modem and we’ll convert it and ship it back to you on the next business day using the same method of shipping you specify (and pay for).  If you don’t have a modem to be converted, we’ll order one from CLEAR for you thru our new National CLEAR Dealer contract and have it drop shipped directly to us for conversion.  You don’t need to find a local CLEAR Dealer nor order it online via CLEAR’s website.  We’ll take care of you from start to finish.

We are offering a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.  If we sell you a modem & convert it, and it doesn’t work in your situation, we’ll offer a full refund, minus shipping costs.   We do pre-qualify all sales.  We certfy all modems to not be DOA.  If you obviously don’t have a snowball’s chance in a Texas July of getting a signal, we won’t take your money. 

We can’t create a signal where none exists, and we don’t control the speeds that CLEAR gives you.  We can, and do, enhance the receive & transmitt signal, compared to the standard CLEAR modem used indoors.

We’re working to setup a new website, www.clearlywimax.com, to handle orders for these conversions.   This site should be live and active before the end of January, but we’re pushing for an earlier launch date. 

Due to our contract with CLEAR as an authorized retailer / dealer, we aren’t allowed to have e-commerce transactions on this website offering CLEAR services, so we’ve created this new site that just handles conversions.  We’ll have a form to be completed by the customer so we can pre-qualify your address and make sure our solution will truly work for you.  While we work in our spare time to finish building that other site, you can simply email us at sales@clearlywimax.com with your contact info, whether you already have existing service & type of modem in use, etc.


As we said earlier, this is not always the best solution for everyone, but we’ll work to find you the best solution, and if it doesn’t work, well, we’ll issue an RMA and refund your money (minus shipping) after we get it back.

In the meantime, like all the other services we offer related to CLEAR or Computer Consulting, feel free to contact seven (7) days a week via email at lee@wimaxsatx.com or cell (210)771-7075.   We are an Authorized CLEAR Retailer / Dealer. If we can’t answer the phone, please leave your name, phone number & email address, along with your general location (city / state) and whether you are an existing CLEAR customer or a potential new one.