CLEAR 4G WiMax Modem Signal Booster Devices

Everytime we get a phone call from someone asking for a “CLEAR modem booster”, we have to smile.  What we’ve been selling for the past 2 years or so, are solutions to enhance your signal when using a CLEAR modem device.  We don’t have any magic “boosters” in the sense of a cell phone “booster” sold on Amazon, etc.  But we do have proven, commercial grade, working solutions that can get you a better signal.

We’re offering two types of solutions, both weatherproof and designed for outdoor use. 

  1. External Antennas and
  2. Modem Conversions for Outdoors deployment.

We have antennas that can be attached to the CLEAR Apollo 4G Clearspot, the CLEAR USB 4G modem, the CLEAR USB Stick Atlas modem, and the CLEAR Hub Express modem.  These four devices have external antenna ports / jacks that we can use to attach an external antenna.

Our Antennas range from a 5 dbi gain magnetic mount mobile antenna, a 10 dbi gain panel antenna on a metal stand (has brackets for outdoor mounting), a 14 dbi gain panel antenna (designed for pole mounting only), and a 16 dbi gain panel antenna (has “L” shaped mounting bracket with U-Bolt).   For custom situations, we can also provide higher gain aluminum antennas that are extermely directional in nature.  Most of our panel antennas have a 20-30 degree focus on them, allowing you to be “just about in the right direction”, as opposed to “if I move 1/8″ it loses signal” type of situation.

The stronger the gain rating of the antenna, the strong the signal you will get.  In theory, that translates into faster speeds from CLEAR, but performance will vary depending on the current load on that tower, and other factors we can’t control or predict. But if you live within a mile of a tower site, you won’t see much difference between the three panel antennas in performance, if you compared them while mounted in the same location outdoors.   The 10 dbi panel antenna can be sat on a windowsill, book case by a window, or mounted outside on a balcony railing, etc.  Perfect for most apartment situations, or locations where you need more stealth.

If you want the best possible signal, and you live more than a couple miles away from the nearest CLEAR tower site, we highly recommend using one of our modem conversions, not one of our external antenna solutions.

We convert existing (or new) CLEAR modems to fit inside an Outdoor weatherproof enclosure, along with one of our high gain antennas, which eliminates the problem of coax line loss of gain that you have to deal with when using a normal antenna.  We use Power over Ethernet (POE) so that all you need to do, is run a single Ethernet cable down from the outdoor enclosure, inside to your computer or router.   We supply all the POE splitters, you supply the Ethernet cable and figure out where the best place to mount it might be.

With any antenna, not just ours, you need to keep the length of coax cable  to a minimum, between the antenna and your device.  The longer the cable, the less effective gain you will benefit from.  You can put up our Pro16 (16dbi gain) antenna, but if you run 100-200 ft of cable, you might as well not put it up.  You will have lost all the signal gain, in the coax, before it even reaches your modem device.  That’s the same with all antennas!  It’s just simple physics!  We don’t make the rules when it comes to line loss in coax. :)

Every antenna we sell, every converted modem we ship, has been quality tested and documented prior to being boxed up and shipped to the customer.  We’ve had ZERO DOA reports since we started converting modems and offering antennas nearly 2 years ago in 2010.

To find out more about adding an external antennas or getting a converted modem, please visit our online store.

We do sell & ship CLEAR modems to anyone in any CLEAR USA Market area, so feel free to contact us by email or by phone 210-771-7075 (10am-8pm Central Time) to discuss your situation.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions about which outdoor solution is best for you, before placing an order.

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