No More CLEAR WIMax Network

January 2016 has arrived, but I still continue to receive phone calls asking to be signed up for CLEAR’s WiMax wireless Internet services, but unfortunately I am unable to help them.

Recap: Sprint bought out CLEAR’s parent company, Clearwire, in 2013 and terminated all dealers and store outlets.  They announced plans to shut down the CLEAR WiMax network in November 2015.  On November 6, 2015, all CLEAR users were shut down, except for a few non profit groups who have sued CLEAR and Sprint for breach of contract.  That lawsuit did not help prevent the rest of us users from being turned off last November, however.

I have researched possible alternative to the wonderful services that CLEAR had been offering, but came up empty. Nobody is offering unlimited data for the anywhere near the affordable prices that CLEAR had been charging.

I’ve found two similar services that might work out as substitutes for some folks.

FreedomPop is a wireless internet and mobile phone service provider based in Los Angeles, California. The company provides wireless data, voice, and text services on Sprint’s LTE network. Check out for more details

Karma Go is an LTE hotspot only service. You can purchase a monthly rate of $50, or buy a data package for rates ranging from $14/gb, up to to data packages of $99 for 10gb. You buy the hardware and sign up for a data plan. For those who didn’t use a lot of data, buying a $99 package and running until you run out, isn’t a bad way to go. Check out for more details.


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